JSC VNIIZHT is the largest railway research center in Russia with a century-old history

Our team

VNIIZHT team consists of more than 1 200 employees united by the desire to improve railway transport, make it more modern, safe and comfortable. The unique feature of our team is diversity of age and professional composition. We create modern solutions for railway transport, conduct theoretical and practical research, as well as test railway equipment. We treat history and experience of the institute with respect. At the same time, we follow trends of the future, both in terms of project content and organization of working process.

Office & Benefits

We take care of our employees’ comfort and provide a convenient workplace as well as opportunities for professional development. There are Postgraduate Study and other platforms for research and career development of our scientific workers. VNIIZHT employees can undergo specialized training with 100% compensation from the employer.
VNIIZHT employees have a voluntary health insurance and can do sports at special facilities (from volleyball to yoga) located on the territory of the institute. We also have a green park, a co-working area and a dining hall with corporate discounts.

Corporate life

VNIIZHT has its own traditions, museum and celebrates corporate events, from New Year to Railway Worker Day. Information about corporate events and useful working documents are conveniently structured at the Corporate Portal. The Institute has a trade union organization that provides legal assistance, recreation opportunities and bonuses from partner companies. We are open to new ideas and will be glad to see you as a part of the team of railway science enthusiasts — VNIIZHT team!