Test Center of JSC VNIIZhT

Test Center of JSC VNIIZHT– is the only research center both in the Russian Federation and in the1520 track gauge area, capabale to carry out a broadest possible range of railway certification tests.

The Test Center is a testing range for infrastructure and rolling stock elements and structures. It provides for annual tonnage of 300-350 mln gross tonnes per year.

The Test Center comprises:

More than 50 test benches;

Test Loop (tests with speeds of up to140 km/h);

High speed test range

(tests with speeds of up to 250 km/h)

Tests on operating lines.


Test Center is capable to carry out more than 100 types of tests.

Peculiarities of the Test Center:

Testing comprehensiveness (from laboratory to operational tests)

Own accredited metrology service.


The Center is accredited with Rosaccreditation and entered into the unified register of accredited certification bodies and testing centers (laboratories) of the Customs Union. Also IC ZHT JSC "VNIIZhT" is a recognized testing center in the CIS.


Ralif Abzalov

Head of the Railway Test Center of


E-mail: abzalov.ralif@vniizht.ru

Tel: +7 (495) 602-61-36

Sergey Balashov

Deputy Head of the Railway Test Center of


E-mail: balashov.sergey@vniizht.ru

Tel: +7 (499) 260-41-11 ext. 3-01-33

Alexey Perlau

Head of metrological service

E-mail: perlau.aleksei@vniizht.ru

Tel: +7 (495) 602-81-05

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